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 Bearded Collies

About us

We always had dogs. When I was a little girl we had Scottish Sheepdogs. From the first time I had seen a Bearded Collie, I was in love.
So the first bitch came in 1996, and since then there always where Bearded Collies in our lifes.

My first Bearded Collie - Faye a black bitch - was bought from a breeder in Eindhoven, of the Beardie Bunch. This breeder helped me with everything I wanted to know about Beardies. After a year she asked me if I wanted to be a breeder. I said "yes" and I'am a breeder since.

Our Kennel name "of the Benjy Bunch" was our choice.

From that day on my life is all about Bearded Collies. I kept my second Beardie from the A litter, Autumn a brown bitch.
 Maxime a brown bitch is from the C litter.  From the G litter I kept again a brown bitch Madison.
 Then I decided that we needed a male dog for our kennel. After a long time looking at shows for a suitable dog, I found Blue at the kennel of Debora’s Farm. He is the father of the next generation of our kennel. 

I am active in the dogworld with obedience, agillity, dogshows, 
breeding and of course many walks with all our Dogs.

Since 2002 together with my husband Ber. We love to walk through the whole country. We meet lots of nice (dog) people, who give us joy. Ber is helping me with everything.From time to time we have a litter. In the 9 weeks before the puppies are born we enjoy the preparation, and when the puppies are born, 8 weeks of kissing, cuddling and raising the puppies to make them ready for the big world.It is not easy to find proper new owners for our dogs, but the people who have a puppy from us are superb!
With the most puppy owners, now for 12 years, we stay in touch. We try to make at least a of The Benjy Bunch Bearded Collies familywalk once a year. We hope to do so for many years. We also hope for many litters of healthy of The Benjy Bunch Bearded Collies. It's our dream to realize this!

Franky and Ber