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 Bearded Collies

In Loving Memory

Princess of the Beardie Bunch (HD-B)
eyes cea-pra-cat-free DUTCH VETERAN CHAMPIONBorn 22-2-1996, died 23-11-2009.
She was 13 years and 10 months.
She had 1 litter 9-12-1998, 1 litter 24-5-2000, 1 litter 29-06-2002 and her last litter on 3-2-2004.
She is bred by Mary v.d. Veer a breeder from Eindhoven



Future Joy of the Beardie Bunch HD A
Scarlett, born on 22 Februari 1996, living with Marij, Louis, Celine and their Havanezers.
Mother of our C and F litter. Died in 2010.


Undoubtedly Blue of Debora’s Farm
(HD-A) and eyes CEA-PRA-CAT-free
DNA Profile
Our first boy is born on 14 January 2002 at the kennel of Debora’s Farm.
He was our stud. He is father of 39 puppies.(H-litter 5, I-litter 5, J-litter 3, K-Litter 7, L-litter 8, N-litter 2). In Germany father from 9 at Clan from Lower Saxony


Autumn Flower of the Benjy Bunch (HD-A)
eyes cea-pra-cat-free
Dutch Veteran Champion
From the first litter, born on December 9th 1998 I kept Autumn Flower of the Benjy Bunch.
She had her first litter on 2 September 2001. She had her second litter on 15 April 2003. She had her third litter on 21 October 2004


Lady Angel Djara of the Benjy Bunch, Djara
(HD A) and eyes cea-pra-cat-free / DNA Profile


Countess "Maxime", of the Benjy Bunch HD-A
German veteran CH/VDH
Club veteran winner BCCD'09
Dutch Veteran champion
From the C-litter, born on 6 January 2001 I kept Countess Maxime
of the Benjy Bunch. She had her first litter on 1-2-2004. She had her second litter on 9-6-2005. She had her third litter December 2006. She had her fourth litter in April 2008 

Idol Dewi of the Benjy Bunch (HD-A)
Eyes CEA-PRA-KAT-free / DNA Profile
"Dewi" a black Bitch born on 3-2-2004 from the I-Litter
Dewi had her first litter, O-litter, in 2008.
Her second litter, Q-litter in 2009



Quote Playboy of the Benjy Bunch "Awan"
26-11-2009/ 24-10-2015
died due a terrible accident
HD A/DNA profile/eyes cea-pra-cat-free
He has instance herding test.




Groovy Sprocked of the Benjy Bunch
(HD-A) and Eyes CEA-PRA-CAT-free
Sprokkel, born on 15 April 2003 from the G-Litter,
father of 37 puppies. Our M-litter, 7 (brown and fawn), our O-litter, 5 (black, brown and fawn) and our Q litter 10 (black, brown and fawn). In Germany, at Clan of lower Saxony 9 (black, brown and fawn). In Belgian, at Mc Beardy's Magic, 6 black



Gorgeous Madison of the Benjy Bunch
Madison, born on 15 April from the G litter.
Madison had the (L)-litter at 27.12.2005

Naughty handsome of the Benjy Bunch "Ozzie" 18-4-2008 - 25-4-2018 

(HD A) eyes cea-pra-cat-free 
DNA Profile

Ozzie was a black boy.Ozzie is Father from the P and T-Litter 


Multi CH. Gone with the Wind "Scarlett"
(HD A) and eyes cea-pra-cat-free / DNA Profile
Scarlett, born on 28 May 2006 - 2019
together with 9 brothers and sisters.

BJW'07 Bundessieger-Club winner BCCD

  • Belgium Youthchampion
  • Best Youthbitch, Crufts qualification 2008
  • Dutch Youthchampion
  • Youth Winner 2007
  • Crufts qualification 2009
  • Luxembourh Champion
  • Lokeren Winner 2008
  • Bundessieger 2008
  • Crufts qualification 2009
  • Dutch Champion
  • International Champion
  • German Champion
  • VDH Champion
  • German Champion BCCD
  • German Champion CfBrH
  • instance herding test
  • German Veteran Champion VDH/BCCD
  • Luxembourg Veteran Champion
  • Dutch Veteran Champion